Time 4 ……. Christmas Cake or Panettone??

Panettone   OK, in all honesty, I’ve never been a great one for heavy fruit cake so I’m going to be a teeny bit biased.

Last year was my first experience with this Italian delicacy, it was always something I’d avoided as I’m a fussy eater with a tendency to stick with what I know and these bread cakes in boxes had never really appealed to me. That was until a very good friend gave me the gift of a chocolate chip Panettone made especially by the very talented Riccardo! (A local baker)

How could I refuse? And I have to say this sweet bread loaf was a mouth watering, taste sensation. Never before had I tasted anything so light and scrummylicious and I was soon on to the phone to Riccardo myself, ordering more. Something I have been longing to repeat all year and, as they say all good things come to those that wait, the time is now.    

IRiccardo At WorkThis morning John and I visited Riccardo at his bakery in Sansepolcro to buy the first of the Christmas season  ……. and to order three more, one for Christmas Day, one for New Year and one just in case  – you really can’t have too many! Fortunately for me, Italians eat Panettone for breakfast and in between meals too so I’m now a very happy woman indeed!

I may have turned my back on the traditional British Christmas Cake in favour of the Italian Panettone however I still hold true to my roots and support good old UK desserts so I’m happy to have found this recipe that seamlessly blends both cultures – thank you Jamie Oliver! I’ll be trying out this Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding recipe soon.


Happy Holidays!

We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

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